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They have sold it to Samir, who has sold it to Maria as a turkey.

Because of that 'turkey', Ajna's former boyfriend and abuser, he was released from prison.

Then Senka and Spomenka come to Izet to be with him, but at the same time and they go around and around the house until they meet each other and run away from Izet. Selma returned, the waitress, after finishing college.

Izet accommodates a lesbian couple into his makeshift hotel by making Faruk and Damir sleep in the studio. But since Bosnia is recovering still from war, there are no jobs for her, but gets Ivana's job because Ivana went to Germany for a month (but she remained there forever).

Meanwhile, Enes and Šefika are in budding romance, but Šefika left Enes because of thong underwear which Enes 'bought' for her (actually, he has bought gloves, but the woman in shop screwed everything up).