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Among the , Customs) registers in the BOA, some of the registers belonging to the Erzurum customs contain important information on Turkish-Iranian trade.

The register of the Erzurum customs, which were the second most important customs in the Ottoman Empire, was the subject of a Ph. dissertation by Neşe Erim (1985), which reveals important data on Ottoman-Iranian trade in the 18th century.

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Some of these documents have been used for research (Kalantari, 1976; Djafer-pour, 1977; Yans, 1977; Nasıri, 1991; Kütükoğlu, 1993; İşbilir, 1996; Arı, 2001).

Most of the documents contain records of political and military events, incidents at the border, problems of trade, sending of envoys, exchange of gifts, seeking of asylum, and activities of secret services.

Moreover, there are several documents related to the Persian language and literature, Iranian poets and their poems, and Iranian intelligentsia who emigrated to the Ottoman Empire.

Only very few of these documents have been studied so far.

Besides these public archives there are private archives and collections in Istanbul and Ankara that contain an unknown number of documents.