ang dating daan lokal ng sucat - Face match dating site

She couldn’t run my photos against her actual user database, out of privacy concerns, but she agreed to run them against a database of World Cup player photos.

As a demonstration of the software, the results are pretty uncanny.

Compare that to the impenetrable cocktail of algorithms at play on other dating sites — where matches are made based on clicks, quizzes and cold probabilities — and it almost seems less ominous.

In fact, while sites like Match and Ok Cupid and their ilk are pretty hush-hush about what goes into their formulas, it’s pretty safe to assume that they’re inferring your “type,” physical and otherwise, based on the user profiles you show interest in.

It’s a wildly catchy narrative, mostly because it plays into prevalent fears and confusions about how facial recognition — and big data — work.

It’s a concern that sites like Match and Ok Cupid kind of fan already.

Yeah, it sounds intuitively “creepy” to look for dates based on your exes.