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If their true concern is providing for their family’s well-being, it shouldn’t matter whether the man or the woman is the primary breadwinner; yet should a man concede that his wife contributes more to the family, he’s emasculated…

often live up to those restrictive standards and makes them fair game for others.

Women are castrating bitches and whores, non-Gamer Gate-supporting men are cucks, fags and betas, Internet Tough Guys are lionized and the dictates of the group must be enforced through harassment and violence.

But people the “traditional” masculine ideal – speaks openly about the absurdity of gender roles and the need to abandon toxic masculinity.

Self-improvement is one of the keys for men who want to have greater social success – whether it be sexual, romantic or otherwise.

Unfortunately, the idea of “what it means to be a man” tends to get in the way.

He’s in a better position to ignore the gender police’s attempts at correction.


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    (A common variant is when the parent can provide some kind of reasonable explanation for why bad things were allowed to happen that the child was not previously aware of.) It might result in a permanent break between parent and child.

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