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Those pictures remain close to my heart to this day.

From then on, Megs, or Mini-Beast as I affectionately called her (today it’s ‘Beast’ in a nod to her age), just became a part of my life, especially when, a few months later, she and her mother moved in permanently.

She’s been all over the world, leaving so many memories in her wake. I have a clear image of us in Africa, on the shores of Lake Nakura in Kenya.

A five-year-old Megs is helping me reconstruct a kudu (a type of antelope) skeleton, carefully laying the vertebrae out in order on the sand as rhinos grazed alongside us.

Two years later, we put down more solid roots when I bought a larger house for us near Netley Abbey in Hampshire with a garden — where I could have birdboxes and show Megan how nature changed over the seasons.